It’s all about finding the silver lining for cheap as you possibly can. Like when my boss ended his whole I’m-laying-you-off spiel by saying “You’re a smart and sharply dressed kid. You’ll land on your feet.” Well, he never actually said that but I could almost hear him think it. As of now I’m still falling and haven’t yet landed but I’m going to make it a personal mission to fall, like an expert Olympian diver, with grace and style and millions of men saying ‘I wish I looked more like him’ with a little left over to pay rent.

Just short of stealing I’m going to show you the tricks of my Poor Man’s GQ lifestyle. Lets be honest. You’re probably as poor as I am and possibly stretching student loans and/or unemployment checks to their limit. But just because you’re living on other peoples’ money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dignity. I’m going to help you take all your stuff (including that TV stand you dug out of a dumpster) and turn it into awe inducing tangible representations of class.

Hopefully you’re a Chicago citizen and can get down with the knowledge I’ll be throwing at you on a local level. But if not, no worries, because I’ll be hammering home some essential principals of men’s fashion, interior decorating, and 20-something lifestyle that you can use anywhere. Learn to dress on the cheap for stuffy work functions and adventurous play dates. Together you and I will explore the hidden gems of dining and dives and make all our friends say “Wow. Didn’t he just lose his job? How is he so put together and charming and not at all the mess his former co-workers told me about?” And you won’t even have to tell them that you found that stunning paisley bow tie in a thrift store for 30¢.

A Frugal Yet Fashionable EntranceS


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