GQ’s Style Blog is all about knit ties. The magazine's blog post titled “GQ Selects: Charvet Slim Knitted Silk Tie” sports a fashionable and mildly disheveled spectrum of knit ties by Jim Moore. Ranging up to $175 these ties can get pretty pricey.

The $175 TieS

GQ is spot on with this trend. Knit ties are the perfect pop for the standard white-collared work shirt. The amount of color and texture it adds to a flat canvas creates a perfect contrast.

While I love GQ (almost as much as GQ loves Ryan Gosling) they problem with their outlandish expectations of my wallet (and their insistence that wearing loafers without socks is acceptable.) I have more ties than I do voicemails from Sallie Mae and none of them have cost me more than $10.

The $175 Tie

These ain't your grandfather's knit ties. They're mine. All of these ties were handed down to me from my grandfather's amazing collection. Knit ties are nothing new. Hit up your elders or browse through some thrift stores in your area to find one of a kind retro ties.

Alternative to second hand ties who is stopping you from making your own? If Ryan Gosling can knit then so can you! (I'm beginning to see why GQ has a bromance with him.) has a great tutorial on how to knit your first tie. For 1/10th of the cost of a Charvet silk tie you can buy some needles and silk yarn and make your own.

Sorry GQ, you're a beautiful distraction but sometimes (or most of the time) you're just unrealistic. The knit tie, however, is a classic and entirely affordable fashion staple if you have the goods to make one or know where to look.


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