Nights out with the guys can stack up quickly when it comes to your budget. Sure, you go out and say you’re only going to have a beer or two but before you know it it’s two a.m. and you’re shortsightedly paying for a cab to an all night taco joint in Highland Park. Hangovers are a lot more painful when you wake up to beer-mouth and an empty debit account.

The Brawl & BrewS

What’s the next best thing to going out? Staying in of course! It’s hard to maintain A-lister social butterfly status on a low budget but there are solutions on the horizon. Being part of the early 90’s generation either you or one of your friends still own an old N64 and a copy of Super Smash Bros. If not take a gander here or look into some local resale shops like The Exchange located in Lakeview and Lincoln Park in Chicago.

Every good host has a well stocked liquor cabinet. Sadly we can't afford to be good hosts so bracket rules will dictate that a six pack of the contestant’s choice (unless its PBR. They owe you at least a 24 pack if they’re bringing the closest thing to fermented swamp water that was ever brewed) is the fee for entry into the tournament.

The Brawl & BrewS

Create a bracket and make it special to your circle of friends. Include bracket rules specific to your group like “Any time Dave says ‘Pwned’ after someone dies he has to chug his beer and then go home” or “If you die with less that 20% damage you have to play blindfolded for 20 seconds.” Rules can be as serious or ridiculous as you want. Take time to think of your own rules but here are some recommended rules to get you started.

  • Anytime one gets hit while taunting one must drink.
  • Should there be a sudden death, all participating players must pass their controller to the player to their right, changing their character. Whichever player (not character) wins is the player who advances.
  • Any accidental suicide performed by a player requires that player to get the rest of the players new refreshments before that player can begin playing again.

This is a cheap way to have a social event where you spend little to no money with legendary results. And when you do throw a Brew & Brawl make sure to comment with pictures and stories!


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